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What is the Fastest Way to Gain a European Citizenship

European citizenship is in high demand across the world. EU citizens can live anywhere within the union and often benefit from free healthcare and education. There were 4 quick paths towards EU citizenship until the suspension of the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment program (CBI). 


Malta is one of the small independent nations of the European continent. Malta contains three islands named the main island of Malta, Gozo, and Comino. Its capital is Valletta, and it is the center of attraction for tourists. Malta has one of the most beautiful bays- The Blue Lagoon.

Malta offers naturalization to people and their families who contribute to the development of Malta under the Exceptional Investor Naturalisation. The investor must donate to the state and have a property in Malta (buy or rent). The process takes 1.5 years to 3.5 years depending on how much you donate. 

Type of Investment


Donation to the state

EUR 600,000 to 750,000

Purchase of a residential property that cannot be sublet for 5 years.

EUR 700,00

Having a rental property for 5 years

EUR 16,000

Funds and donations to the activities held by Malta Community Agency.

EUR 10,000

After your residence of 12 or 36 months in the country, you can apply for Malta citizenship and passport. After careful monitoring and paperwork, the ministers will grant you the citizenship of Malta.

With Malta citizenship, you are free to start your own business anywhere. Also, you will have a home in the scenic beauty of Malta. As it is a tourist destination, the country will benefit you in the long run.


Cyprus is also an island in the Mediterranean Sea, famous for its natural beauty and minerals. It is full of heritages with mesmerizing ancient palaces and fortresses. Paphos, a city of Cyprus, is tourists’ favorite place to visit due to its monuments and annual festivals.

The Cyprus Government started the CIP program (Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program) in 2018. Although the government has canceled the program, the pending application will be examined by the CIP.

Investors had to invest around 2 million euros in Cyprus. Since its suspension, the government enhanced its Cyprus Permanent Residence Program. Approved real estate investors gain permanent residence that can lead to citizenship after 7 years.

The benefits of Cyprus citizenship include visa-free travel to over 174 countries and EU members. Cyprus is also famous for its education system. You can apply for grants in colleges and universities being an EU citizen. Having your own business in Europe will be lucrative.

Since its closure, you can apply to the Cyprus permanent residence program.


Montenegro is a country in southeast Europe on the Adriatic coast of the Balkans. Montenegro is not part of the EU but is the next in line to ascend to the EU in the next few years. It is also sometimes called The Black Mountain due to the appearance of its Mount Lovcen. Montenegro has mountains and a beautiful coastline.

Montenegro is expected to ascend to the EU by 2025. As such, by applying to the Montenegro Citizenship By Investment program, you gain a potential EU citizenship for a fraction of the investment costs of the other programs. The investment can be made in the coastal region or outside of it. Both include a EUR 100,000 donation to the state. 

Type of Area


Investment in the real estate project in the coastal areas.

EUR 450,000

Investment in regions other than the coastal areas, the central and northern areas.

EUR 250,000


Bulgaria offers investors permanent residence in the country with an investment of BGN 1,000,000 (EUR 520,000). To qualify for fast-track citizenship, you will need to invest an additional BGN 1,000,000. 

The program raised controversy since no investors were actually approved for citizenship after years of waiting. The government blamed it on a gap in the naturalization process and announced to have resolved the issue. Nevertheless, the reputation of the Bulgaria Immigrant Investor Program and its citizenship route have been greatly affected. 

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