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The CDC Issues “Avoid Travel” Warnings for 4 European Countries

The CDC Issues “Avoid Travel” Warnings for 4 European Countries

November 15th saw four countries being upgraded to Level 4, according to a notice from America’s CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). All four added countries are European, each being issued a warning due to their increased COVID-19 outbreaks.

The added countries are as follows:

  • Iceland
  • Hungary
  • Czech Republic
  • Guernsey

So far, the CDC has added 11 European countries to its list, and throughout the previous four weeks.

More on the Travel Warnings

The CDC issues travel warnings classified by levels. Each represents a level risk, with the highest being Level 4.

A Level 4 travel notice indicates countries reporting over 500 COVID-19 infections per 100,000, across a 28-day period. Such infection levels are seen as “very high,” and thus an “avoid travel” warning is issued to all Americans.

Currently, the CDC has placed 81 countries throughout the world as Level 4 on its COVID risk map. If the United States would be counted among those, then the total would reach 82.

On a global Level, COVID-19 cases this week account to 3 million (according to the “WHO” World Health Organization). This represents an increase by 1% from the prior week.

Continued COVID-19 Outbreaks Across Europe

Europe’s COVID-19 infection rates are on a worrying rise. So far, weekly cases have witnessed a 7% increase. There has also been a 10% increase in COVID deaths compared to the past week, as reported by WHO.

Europe’s COVID-19 infection rate is similar to December 2020’s values. From 61 countries in the area, 26 reported weekly infection increases, representing 42% of countries.

Level 4 travel health restrictions have been issued to multiple European countries, many of them being tourism hotbeds. They include the United Kingdom, Turkey, Switzerland, Russia, Norway, the Netherlands, Ireland, Greece, Croatia, Belgium, and Austria.

COVID Outbreaks Reach the Caribbean

High case numbers are still being reported in the Caribbean, with the majority being classified as level 4 by the CDC. WHO’s last week report further elaborates on Caribbean numbers. The week-to-week infection rates have increased by 145% in the Cayman Islands, and by 21% in Puerto Rico.

Currently, a multitude of Caribbean nations are on the “avoid travel” list. They include the US and British Virginia Islands, Bermuda, Barbados, and Aruba. However, some islands are experiencing better situations, with the Bahamas recently dropping from Level 4 to 3.

COVID Easing in Asian Countries

Since the pandemic’s start, many countries have been reluctant to re-open tourism, with Asian countries topping that list. This caution has paid off, resulting in infection rate drops through the Southeast Asia region.

According to WHO, the past week saw a 13% drop in SEA. Also, India’s infection rates have dropped by 16%, and Myanmar also by 16%, and Thailand by 9%. A minimal number of Asian countries are designated as level 4, but those that are tend to be major travel destinations, including Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, and the Maldives.

COVID Levels Still High in the US

The CDC still sees US infection levels as high, this being the case since the pandemic’s beginnings. Currently, the US is recording 25 daily cases for every 100,000 per week (values sourced from Brown School of Public Health COVID-19 tracker). This is around 700 new cases every 28 days for every 100,000 people, which is much higher than the CDC’s values for a level 4 travel notice.

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