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Slovenia Residency by Investment: Quick Guide

Slovenia offers one of the world’s best passports. Being an EU member, its passport grants visa-free entry into the US and freedom of movement in other EU member countries. It also comes with an affordable program and a low “residency to naturalization time” (if the applicant’s aiming for citizenship status).

Does Slovenia have a Residence by Investment program?

Slovenia does have a residence by investment program or Golden Visa. But business applicants can get temporary residency in Slovenia.

The minimum investment amount required is EUR 50,000 to fund a company. In some situations, fixed assets can be accepted, which may include furniture, cars, and real estate.

Family members (spouse and children) can receive temporary residence through this program. Up to two investors in a family are eligible for a residency permit under the Slovenia Business Investor program.

Temporary permits are issued first, lasting up to 5 years. After that, applicants can applyp for permanent residency.


Naturalization comes soon after. Two years of permanent residency qualifies a foreigner for Slovenian citizenship.

Major investors can sometimes receive citizenship directly for their contributions. However, the investor must file a petition to show that they have exceptionally contributed to Slovenia.

Program Conditions

For an applicant to qualify under the Slovenia Business Investor Visa, they need to meet the following criteria:

  • Health Insurance. At a minimum, the insurance must cover urgent healthcare services within Slovenia.
  • Passport. Must be valid, where its expiration date exceeds the stay period by over 3 months.
  • Income. The applicant must prove that they have the means of an income that equates to Slovenia’s minimum income.
  • Police Clearance. Applicants must provide a certificate from their host country. The certificate should be translated to Slovenian and verified. It cannot be older than 3 months.
  • Authentic Photograph. In addition to a photo, the applicant is also required to provide two fingerprints at a Slovenian consulate or diplomatic mission abroad. The photos and fingerprints are required for digital capture.

There are additional conditions that an applicant must fulfill to get their first permit. This depends on their defined purpose of stay in Slovenia.

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