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Real Estate Billionaire Buys Bitcoin, Accepts BTC for Rent Payment at His Residential and Retail Properties

Bitcoin remains the most admired digital asset by many investors, both inside and outside the cryptocurrency space. The reason for this admiration for the digital asset is not far from the fact that it is the most valuable cryptocurrency and its price value has continued to rise since its launch eleven years ago.

Institutional investments in cryptocurrency have also continued to be high, as the digital asset has made its way into traditional investing, with many large companies investing their corporate funds in the asset to maximize their profits. However, a famous real estate franchise – Caruso, has now announced that it has invested huge funds in Bitcoin.

Caruso believes that customers are now able to pay their rent in Bitcoin

In their official release, the real estate giant has now confirmed that they have invested a massive chunk of treasure into Bitcoin. They are now partnering with Gemini Exchange, owned by the Winklevoss brothers, who helped them acquire their Bitcoin. The partnership with Gemini will also see them accepting Bitcoin as rent payments from their customers.

According to the company’s official release, they believe that they are the first real estate company in America to take such an approach and expect it to delight their customers. Speaking to the press after the purchase, the real estate company’s owner, Rick Caruso, expressed his delight at now being one of the largest institutional investors in Bitcoin.

Although he did not disclose the exact amount, the business investor confirmed that he has invested a considerable amount of money in Bitcoin, as he sees the digital asset as the future of money. Caruso confirmed that the invested funds, which were supposed to have been used for an alternative investment option, will provide the organization with much-needed rewards, and he is looking forward to the new investment. Caruso confirmed that he is an avid fan of Bitcoin, as he suspects that the digital asset is at the beginning of a glorious future.

Tyler Winklevoss thinks Caruso is making the right move

Caruso also spoke about the new adoption, which will see his company accept Bitcoin as a rent payment. The investor confirmed that he has been touting this idea for the past year and he is happy that their customers, cryptocurrency holders, can now pay their rent via Bitcoin.

However, while confirming the new update, the executive confirmed that the new payment method is an optional system, as the real estate company is very open to collecting their rent in fiat currency. Tyler Winklevoss, CEO of Gemini, also expressed his delight in helping Caruso and his company achieve their ambitions.

The Bitcoin billionaire believes that with Caruso’s new adoption, they will take the real estate industry to another level, and he is thrilled to be a part of that ambition. Tyler also expressed his optimism about Bitcoin, as he believes the digital asset will continue to prove his skeptics wrong. Fortunately for Caruso, the Gemini boss also offered to help him and his company if they needed any form of consulting services related to the cryptocurrency.

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