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France’s Residency by Investment Program: Quick Guide

France is one of the world’s most visited countries. It’s a popular tourist hotspot. Plus, it has an enjoyable lifestyle and culture. Not to mention, France provides many benefits to its inhabitants. Those specifically include free education and healthcare.

Also, France comes with a passport that allows visa-free travel through the EU and the US!

Now previously, accessing France for residency was difficult. The country only had only the expensive Exceptional Investor for business people to select. But in 2016, France added extra options to its business immigration programs. It now has programs for both entrepreneurs and investors.

France Residence by Investment programs

Approved individuals get a residency permit that lasts 4 years. After 8 years, getting permanent residency is possible. However, France does allow citizenship following 5 years of residency with different sets of criteria.

France Entrepreneur Visa

Under the France Passport Talent Entrepreneur Visa, applicants are required to start a business in France. They must invest a minimum of 30,000 EUR to be approved.

A sub-variant of this path is the “innovator program.”

This does not require a minimum, but it does require investors to come up with a creative economic project. They must then receive endorsement from a recognized public institution, mainly in the way of incubator funds.

France Investor Visa

There are 3 ways an immigrant can qualify for the France Passport Talent Investor Visa. They are:

  1. Making a personal investment in a business, where the applicant receives a long-lasting interest. An applicant should acquire 10% or more of the capital, at minimum. Alternatively, the applicant can invest in a company they’re directing (without ownership), where they’re required to own 30% of the share capital at a minimum.
  2. By showcasing how their investment can save or create employment in France. Applicant should do so within a 4-year timespan.
  3. Purchasing intangible or tangible assets in France that amount to 300,000 EUR minimum.

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